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Belk-jobs-applicationWilliam Henry Belk opened his first store in Monroe, NC in 1888. Today, Belk has over 300 stores in 16 states within the U.S. and does over $3.5 billion in annual sales. They employ more than 23,000 associates in the largest privately owned departmental stores in the U.S. You will find Belk stores in Arkansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia and Oklahoma. There are many interesting job opportunities in Belk for the deserving individual. This article will highlight some of the best Belk Jobs on offer.

Belk has been investing millions on technology enhancement and store renovations in order to better serve their valued guests. The company offers many corporate as well as store Belk jobs for the deserving individual. If you are planning to work for the largest independent department store in the country, you need to look no further than corporate Belk jobs. Their corporate office is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Belk provides all kinds of job opportunities in purchasing, planning, merchandising and accounts divisions. You can join us as a retail buyer, creative marketer or purchasing manager. If you are qualified in finance and accounting, your are able to join Belk as a financial analyst or a fully-fledged accountant. Some of the other Belk jobs offered in the corporate office include tax analysts, payroll analysts, executive assistant, internal auditor, loss prevention associate and customer strategy analyst.

Belk jobs are available within the 300 odd stores of Belk spread over 16 states in the U.S. You can visit the website of Belk in order to find the preferred job in a location which is quite comfortable to you. Some of the current job opportunities available at these locations include assistant store manager, counter staff, cashiers, sales assistants, meat counter clerks, purchasing staff and labor intensive openings.


You are able to work in an environment where a great team spirit exists when you join Belk in one of their job openings. Enjoy the stability and security provided by a solid, established company who is committed to their values. Belk has more than 100 years of experience in the retail marketing sector. You will join a fast paced, result oriented environment when you join Belk. Professional training opportunities as well as personal growth opportunities would await the right candidate. You will be working for a company that value giving back to the community.

The Benefits of Working at Belk Jobs

Belk jobs offer a comprehensive remuneration package which includes health benefits, home and auto insurance, paid vacations, holidays, sick leaves, funeral leave, merchandise discounts and employee assistance programs. Building a career at Belk involves developing the required skills and knowledge in order to successfully perform your current job and any future assignments. Each position with Belk will bring its own perks and benefits. There are on-the-job training sessions which will help to enhance your job performance even further. This is why you need to join Belk in working for them in a position that suits you the best. Your future is secure with Belk.


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