Top 6 Reasons to Attend Community College

For some, there is a stigma attached to going straight to Community College. It’s time to put all the worries to rest. According to the College Board, there are major benefits to starting your degree at a Community College. Find the top 6 reasons below:

6. Scholarships to University
Community College is often another opportunity to get that scholarship that you either didn’t qualify for or were passed up for. There are a ton of scholarships available to those who pursue their Associates at a Community College prior to University.

5. Second Chance G.P.A
No one is turned away from Community College. There are no entrance exams or minimum requirements. As long as you graduated high school you are good to go. Going to Community College is an awesome way to create the G.P.A you need if you didn’t have a high enough G.P.A to get in to University.

4. Productivity is Higher
Starting college at a University can be very stressful. 37% of freshman graduate, so many more freshmen enter, than leave. Whether it be the party life, the stress of harder classes, being away from home, etc. Going to Community College first can eliminate all of these issues. It is proven that those who went to Community College first succeed better at the University level.

3. Blow Through General Requirements
Community College classes are more intimate than University classes. The focus is more on teaching than it is on research. For these reasons Community College is better for getting those General Requirements, for any major, out of the way. You will have a better understanding of the fundamentals that are being taught in your General Requirements.

2. Time to Make a Choice
67% of students change their major during college. Do you know that means some classes that you took wont go towards your degree? Community College gives you the opportunity to explore your options, do some research, play around with classes and switch up before committing.

1. Save money
Community College classes are more than 50% less than University classes. While you are tossing around options for your major it is more economical to not pay those University class prices. You also get the luxury of your own shower, being close to home, and being able to do laundry at moms!

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