Job Listing With Verizon: Find One Which Suits You


Verizon-jobs-applicationOnce under the Bell Atlantic Corporation, Verizon is now one of the biggest communication companies in the United States and the whole world. For so many years now, they have been using technology to connect people all over the globe, grow businesses and ensure the progress of economies and societies.


They have a workforce consisting of nearly 180,000 people in 150 countries to help the over a hundred million wireless retail customers and assist the millions of video subscribers and internet users they have. If you are thinking of landing one of the most coveted Verizon jobs, here are some pertinent bits of information which can help you do so.

What Are They Looking For?

Being in the technology industry, Verizon is always looking at tomorrow, wondering what people will need in the future and how they could fill that need. They want people who aren’t just smart or empowered; they also want people who are committed to making a difference in the world.

If you become part of the Verizon team, expect that you will be a valued asset and that you will be taken care of. Aside from the competitive pay, they ensure that you get several other benefits including health insurance and even paid vacations.

If you think that you are the right fit for their company in terms of what they are looking for, check out what Verizon jobs they are offering.

 Career Opportunities & Verizon Jobs

Because communication technology is a huge industry, there is a wide spectrum of career options to be had in Verizon including: Sales, Customer Service, Engineering, Product Development, Information Technology, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Corporate.

They say it’s hard for new graduates to find a job. But if you have the mind to shape the future then you’ll fit right in with Verizon. They have great internship and leadership development programs which help newbies have the right knowledge, hone their skills and make the connections they will need.

They are also offering entry-level Verizon jobs in Marketing and Sales, Engineering, Information Technology and the much-needed Customer Service, among so many others. This allows new grads to gain the right experience in the right industry.

What to Expect in the Interview

Knowing a lot about the communication and technology industry will help you answer the questions during the interview. You should have an idea what challenges this business is facing today and what the future may have for telecommunications.

Aside from your past working experiences and educational background, they will want to know your level of computer literacy. Verizon jobs, being on the technological side, will require a lot of computer usage.

Because a lot of the Verizon jobs offered are in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, you will be asked questions like: ‘How do you deal with a difficult client?’ or ‘How did you sell this certain product to a customer?’

The Application Process

If you do not have time to go to their office and give them your resume, there are forms on this website which you could fill out after registering. As soon as you hit send, it will be in their Human Resources’ database for review.

More often than not, hopefuls get a call from an HR officer for the initial interview. See that you put your best foot forward here because that’s the only way you’ll get the second interview and, with a bit of luck, the job.The whole process may last two to three weeks so be very patient.

Where Do You Start?

With offices in 150 countries in practically all continents, anyone from anywhere can apply for one of these Verizon jobs. Checking out online databases regarding work opportunities is one way for you to find these jobs. But not everyone goes online so the company also joins numerous career fairs and information sessions all over the country to capture as many people’s attention.

Finding one of so many Verizon jobs offered today is not so difficult. Sign up with us and you will be given a chance to access thousands of job openings near you. All you need to do is type the specific job you’re looking for on our site and your location’s zip code. Once you find your preferred job, you can immediately apply for it.


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