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sheetz-jobs-applicationApply and be hired for one of the Sheetz Jobs being offered by one of the country’s award-winning and top companies, Sheetz. Known for its family-oriented atmosphere, Sheetz convenience store chains made it to Fortune’s annual ranking of the 100 Best Companies to Work for this year. Founded in Pennsylvania in 1952 by Bob Sheetz, the company now has over 400 stores in six states, all of which are operated and owned by the company, and is also helping more than 13,000 employees.

What does it take to be hired for one of the most coveted Sheetz Jobs? Sheetz, being in the food service industry, is popular for its “Made to Order” food, including hot dogs, sandwiches, paninis, pizza, as well as chicken strips, French fries, and a lot more. It also serves coffee, which is considered as higher-grade than what most convenience stores offer. Sheetz ensures that they serve only the best quality products, which is why they also have high standards for finding and selecting people who want to join their team. They are in search for people who have a passion and high energy, and are driven in giving their customers excellent service.

Sheetz jobs offer opportunities to people who are dependable coworkers as they focus on their customers, making sure they provide not only top quality products but fast and friendly service in all of their stores. Sheetz consider their people as their assets that help them succeed in providing customer satisfaction. This is why they are looking for individuals who are team players, ones who are able to have fun, make friends, and are enthusiastic about delivering excellent service to their customers.

sheetz-jobs-applicationWhat are the benefits of being hired for one of the Sheetz Jobs? As a family oriented company, Sheetz treats its employees like family. When you get the opportunity to be a part of the Sheetz family, great pay is guaranteed. Expect to also have great benefits such as free drinks and coffee, food discounts, free uniforms, quarterly bonus, and a lot more because they value their employees and believe that creating a work environment that not only rewards but also empowers is what builds a long and lasting relationship. Aside from that, they also provide educational assistance to help and support further education of their employees and their families because Sheetz give importance to the growth and development of their people. Most of all, Sheetz is also dedicated to helping their employees in planning for their future. Upon enrollment, their employees are offered retirement savings plans and also have the opportunity to become shareholders of the company.



What are the Sheetz Jobs being offered? Store Jobs such as Shift Supervisor, Salesperson, and Assistant Manager are open. The main responsibility of a shift supervisor is to directly interact with their customers making sure that fast and friendly service is provided. It is also their responsibility to prioritize work assignments given to the Salesperson. The Salesperson is responsible for performing all job functions in the food service and sales counter areas. The Assistant Manager’s responsibility is to supervise and assist employees in the absence of the area’s Store Manager. He is also responsible for developing and t training employees and ensuring that the staff provides excellent customer service. Other Sheetz Jobs available are Distribution Center Team Member, Delivery Driver, Driver’s Assistant, and Petroleum Transport Driver.

Working for Sheetz is truly a privilege so when you are given the opportunity to be interviewed, make sure you really prepare for it. Expect that you will be asked why you are applying for the job, what your strengths are, what qualities you have that other candidates don’t, what you can contribute, and how you can help the company. You also have to dress to impress. Be prepared so you will be able to answer all of the interviewer’s questions with confidence, making sure you get hired for the job.

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