Interviewing Tips

Tips for your success
After having your resume accepted, its face to face time with your new potential employer. For most interviewers this is the most unsettling & scariest part of the process and in some view’s the most important and influential. Knocking the interview out of the ballpark is key to landing the position. The 10- 20 minutes you may have is the time to sell yourself and your skills. You will need to elaborate on your strong points, skills and ease any potential doubts the would be employer may have. We have compiled a list of tips that will help you have a successful interview.

  1. History – Research your employer & know every detail about the company.
  2. Study – Know your material and be confident.
  3. First Impression – Dress appropriately, when in doubt over dress. You are being judged.
  4. Interview Etiquette – Never bring a cell phone to an interview or at least have if turned off. Do not interrupt and address the interviewer with respect and in a professional manner.
  5. Ask the Interviewer Questions – This will show that you know the company and have an initiative drive.
  6. Thank You Letter – Have a thank you letter with you. This will make your interview stick out from the others. Remember they took the time to interview you.

More tips to keep in mind before the big interview.

Be punctual,

Show that you are reliable by being on time. Arriving 10-15 minutes early will make up for any unexpected delays that can happen on the way to the interview. Use the waiting time before to interview to relax and settle down.

Be yourself and stay positive. Besides the chance to explain your skills and history the interviewer is looking at your personality to see if it’s a fit into the social culture of the company.

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