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food-lion-jobs-applicationAs of the moment, the retail giant Food Lion employs nearly 50,000 and fortunately for those who are still looking, there are more Food Lion jobs being offered every single day. Read on to find out about more opportunities in the fast-growing company.

One of the Biggest Grocery Chains in the Country

Food Lion LLC is a grocery store owned and operated by Delhaize Group, a Belgian company which operates in different European countries. Although its headquarters in America is located in Salisbury, North Carolina, it has over a thousand supermarkets in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia.

Food Lion has several banners including Bloom – a higher-end grocery store, Bottom Dollar Food – their discount shop, Harvey’s Supermarket and Reid’s.

In 2007, it was ranked 10th among all North American food retailers with sales amounting to over $17 billion, proving that they do have the lion’s share of the market in the Mid and South Atlantic.

This company continues to grow every day and they are in need of people who will want to be part of their team. If you are thinking of applying for one of so many Food Lion jobs, read on.

What Is Food Lion Looking For?

Food Lion believes that diversity has made their company even more successful than it already is. With smart ideas coming from different kinds of people from different cultures, the company will be more open to change and continue to be innovative.

They don’t ask for too much from their employees and from hopefuls wanting to land one of those in-demand Food Lion jobs. As long as they are determined, courageous, have integrity and humor, the company will flourish and its people will be happy with what they are doing.

food-lion-jobs-applicationBenefits Provided by Food Lion

Once accepted, employees are treated to numerous benefits. This is their way of showing how important everyone is and how they want everyone to be successful in their careers while with Food Lion.

For those looking for Food Lion jobs, here is a short listing of some of the benefits the company provides: Medical Coverage, Vision Coverage, Dental Coverage, Managed Pharmacy Coverage, Flexible Spending Account, Paid Vacation and Holidays, Retirement Plan, Scholarships and so many more.

Job Offers Today

They have three main employment categories: Retail, Corporate and Distribution Center. That means you can sign up for any Food Lion jobs which will suit your skill and expertise.

As of the moment, they are looking for a Grocery Manager in Virginia Beach, Virginia; an Sales Associate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; and a Produce Manager in Dover Delaware. They also have specialized jobs such as Bakers and Cake Decorators, Perishable Associate and Meat Cutters.

The company is currently offering positions in their corporate offices such as: Customer Service Sales Manager, Retail Pricing Coordinator, Service Center Associate, Center Store Manager and a lot more.

Applying for a Position

There are several sites that have a listing of these Food Lion jobs. You can also visit their site and find what positions need to be filled.

Applicants need not pass a resume to their corporate offices. Those sites mentioned above have forms that need to be completed. These will be sent directly to the Delhaize Human Resource database where each one will be

It may take a week or two before the applicants are called for an interview. If you are contacted for one, you can schedule the date and time for when the actual interview can happen – especially if you’re busy.

Aside from the usual questions asked during interviews, you might want to expect to be asked the following: ‘Why have you chosen Food Lion?’, ‘What hours will you be available?’, ‘How flexible is your schedule?’, and ‘How do you define customer service?’

If you are asked ‘When can you start?’ it would be best to answer honestly. Obviously, this is a good sign that you will be hired soon.

Finding one of so many Food Lion jobs offered today is not so difficult. Sign up with us and you will be given a chance to access thousands of job openings near you. All you need to do is type the specific job you’re looking for on our site and your location’s zip code. Once you find your preferred job, you can immediately apply for it.


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