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There are many attractive Costco jobs available and easy to apply online for. Who is Costco you ask? Costco Wholesale is considered a multi-billion dollar global wholesale retailer with warehouse operations in more than eight countries in the world. The company is a well respected leader in the wholesale and distribution sector with outstanding business ethics. Even though the company boasts of a voluminous workforce due to their international operations, Costco jobs would ensure to provide a family atmosphere where their employees would thrive and succeed. This article will highlight some of the most attractive job opportunities provided by Costco.

Costco is based in Washington in the USA. The company was established in 1976 under the name of Price Club. In 1983, the first warehouse was established in Seattle under the name of Costco. In fact, Costco became the first company ever to go from zero to $3 billion within 6 short years of operation. Price Club and Costco were to merge in the year of 1993. The merged company first operated under the name of PriceCostco, which had more than 206 locations and was generating a hefty revenue of more than $16 million in annual sales.

The company operates on a philosophy of keeping costs down and passing the benefit to their members. The company recruits members from around the globe in order to market their products to a worldwide clientele. The Costco name was used exclusively from 1997 onwards. The total sales figures of the company in recent fiscal years would well exceed $64 billion. The company sells many electronic, baby items, auto & tire items, computers, jewelry, office products, sports & fitness items, travel products and other personalized items to their worldwide customer base. In fact, Costco was recently named as one of the top three companies to work for in the State of Washington by the “Washington CEO” Magazine.costco-jobs-application

Costco jobs have many opportunities for well deserved individuals worldwide. Costco is currently looking for licensed or certified opticians, licensed hearing aid dispensers, licensed pharmacists and licensed optometrists. These are direct appointments through their warehouse located in Chicago. In fact, anyone can acquire a number of Costco jobs by becoming a member for them and then applying for the desired position. You will be able to sell their high quality products through your own website. Costco provides one of the best home based business opportunities for small scale business owners. Business membership of Costco is available for all licensed businesses, non profit organizations, farmers and ranchers. The membership would cost $55 per annum. Once you become a Business Member with Costco, you are able to resell their products for handsome commissions.

If you are looking for:

 An exciting career opportunity

 A workforce operating on ethics

 Stability in the job

 Career growth and personal growth

 Friendly work environment

Then, you are at the right place. Costco jobs would provide all the aforementioned qualities in their job opportunities for you. The management is not biased in matters such as race, religion, sex, nationality, age or pregnancy where promotions and recruitment are concerned. Join Costco now for the ideal job with great potential for future growth.

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