Finding the Best Alamo Jobs


alamo-job-applicationIf you are interested in finding Alamo jobs, then these tips will help you to find the job opportunities that suit you best, and also fill out an application form “for Alamo jobs” that will impress your prospective employer. The first thing that you should know is that if you want to apply for Alamo jobs, you must be at least 18 years old. Alamo Car Rental will only take employees who are 18 or over.

Alamo is open seven days a week, and they need staff to cover all of those days. There is many different positions available. Alamo jobs that frequently have vacancies include customer service, retail sales, service agent jobs, CDL bus driver positions, and positions as a maintenance custodian, an automotive technician, an airport service agent, driver, returns agent, maintenance technician and exit booth agent.

The History of Alamo

Alamo Rent a Car was founded in Florida in 1974. In the early days, it had just four locations. It served business people and holidaymakers, and made a name for itself because it offered unlimited free mileage on car rentals, something that was unique at the time. Over the years, it continued to innovate, offering products such as an online service, Waiver Savers, and the Instant car rental service. These solidified the company as a market leader in the car rental space, and today Alamo is the third largest rental firm in the USA. It was purchased by Enterprise in 2007.

Alamo primarily works with Nissan, Dodge and Chevrolet, although it is known to rent other cars too, depending on the area. Alamo is a great place to work for entry-level service jobs. Many people begin with customer service and work their way up to either more hands-on, car focused positions, or managerial jobs depending on their interests and qualifications. Pay for some of the higher level jobs can be good, and employees are often eligible for additional benefits, with paid time off, healthcare options, 401K and other benefits being offered to eligible employees.

Alamo Interview Tips

Alamo is looking for employees that have sales and customer service skills, and this is what the interview is likely to focus on, unless you are applying for a job where you work mostly with the cars themselves.  Alamo aims to hire bright, customer-focused people who are willing to be innovative when necessary.Alamo-jobs-application

In most cases, Alamo interviews people on a one-on-one basis, and for entry level positions there is only one interview held, so you will not have a lot of time to persuade the prospective employer that you are the right person for the job. To make sure that you have the best chances of success, take some time to try to learn what your duties will be. Entry-level jobs typically involve answering the phone, helping customers with their queries, scheduling car pick-ups and doing other smaller jobs as your manager requests. If you want to work with the cars you may service or inspect the fleet, handle repairs on vehicles, or have a more senior job in the garage being responsible for assessing junior engineers and handling scheduling duties.

Alamo jobs give employees a lot of benefits, and they are a part of a highly motivated work force. There are a lot of opportunities to move up in the company, so if you are willing to put in the time and effort you could do very well by starting your career looking for Alamo jobs.

There are positions in most states, so even if you need to move around a lot for your education or as you get older and start a family, you will still have the opportunity to work for the company. There are a wealth of exciting opportunities at all points up the career ladder, and how far you go or how long you stay with the company is entirely up to you.

An Application Advantage

Naturally, you will have an advantage in your application if you have a driving license and some customer service experience. A good school transcript will benefit you too. However, Alamo does invest in its employees so if you start at the bottom and show that you are willing to earn your way to a better job then you will have the chance to get promoted. Alamo believes that taking care of both customers and employees will provide a good return on investment, and it knows that it will do well if it chooses the best people to take care of both cars and customers. The best way to progress in the company is to show your manager that you are one of the right people for the job. Be on time, be professional, and take pride in every job you do. If you can be trusted with the little jobs you will be more likely to be trusted with the big ones.

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