Which Aeropostale Jobs Are Right For You?



Aeropostale has been around in 1987 and quickly became a recognizable name-brand among teenagers and young adults. You will find this retailer in malls across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Aeropostale designs, produces, markets and sells products, which creates a need for a wide range of Aeropostale jobs.

Storeline Careers

Storeline jobs are available at Aeropostale locations. These jobs require you help customers and represent the brand.

Sales positions are ideal for you if you are interested in retail and love providing quality customer service. Aeropostale locations hire sales associates or seasonal sales associations as needed. These positions usually pay under $8 an hour, but you can earn more once you gain enough experience to get promoted to sales leaders. This position will require you to motivate associates and develop efficient sales strategies.

Aeropostale manager positions usually start between $30,000 and $40,000 a year. Keep in mind that you will not get a shot at managing positions unless you have previous experience as a retail manager or go through the manager training program offered by Aeropostale, which begins by working as an assistant manager. A college degree is usually required to obtain this position.

Associate managers are responsible for supervising sales associates. They answer to the store manager, who is responsible for the operations of a location.. The duties of the managers vary in function of the size of the location, but they usually include supervising associates, handling complaints from customers, conducting an inventory of the location and managing orders.

Aerpostoale gives managers the possibility to move up in the hierarchy by providing a district manager training program. The best associate managers are selected for this program and taught how to manage an entire district. District managers are responsible for visiting locations, advising associate managers, keeping track of sales and development strategies to sell more. District managers might also be involved in the opening of new locations in their district.

Regional managers are above district managers in the hierarchy. You usually need to have worked other Aeropostale jobs such as store and district manager before you can be considered for a regional manager position. Regional managers are responsible for checking on store and district managers, implementing sales strategies, actively looking for new development opportunities and running promotional campaigns.

aeropostale-jobs-applicationCorporate Careers

Aeropostale offers a wide variety of corporate jobs. Most of these jobs are located in New York, but you should be able to find corporate positions at district offices.

You will find careers in accounting, law, human resources, finances, real estate development as well as IT at the New York headquarters. You will of course need to be properly qualified in the field you are interested in. A college degree is usually required as well as a few years of experience depending on the position you want to apply to.

Aeropostale designs, produces, distributes and sells products. As a result, there is a need for a wide logistics department. You will find logistics positions in New Jersey and in California. If you are located near one of the two distribution centers, you will have the possibility to work in a warehouse or drive a truck for Aeropostale.

Aeropostale markets its own products, which means the marketing department is well-funded and always in search of new talents. Keep in mind that the Aeropostale marketing department hires only the best in this field. If you have a solid portfolio and experience with marketing products to a young audience, you might be able to find a marketing job. Aeropostale is especially interested in visual merchandising experts to design the layouts of the stores. Business development and e-commerce specialists are also in demand since Aeropostale is investing in online sales.

Aeropostale also has a team of fashion designers for the clothes and accessories sold in stores. A designer can earn around $80,000 a year but keep in mind that Aeropostale carefully selects its designers. You will need a solid portfolio and experience with designing popular clothes and accessories for a young audience.

This is only an overview of Aeropostale jobs. You can get a better idea of the positions offered by Aeropostale and browse through nearby jobs by clicking below to view more Aeropostale jobs. Read the job postings carefully to make sure you are qualified for the job you want.

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