Accountemps Jobs Can Open the Door to Opportunity



Accountemps Jobs is an organization that offers workers who have basic accounting skills an opportunity to find a permanent position working for one of the worldwide companies that use their services to find temporary workers. This temporary placement agency will work with applicants to find an appropriate position based on their skills and experience level. Many of these companies utilize a temp-to-hire approach when searching for the right employee to add to their workforce.

Many people are finding it difficult to get hired in a well-paying job these days, but there are opportunities available that make the process easier. Some people do not consider submitting their application at a temporary work agency, but the jobs available through these agencies often become permanent if the hiring employer is satisfied with the performance of the temporary worker.

Although Accountemps is an organization that works primarily with applicants who have skills related to accounting and bookkeeping, they also offer free online training to job seekers who have an interest in the industry but no training or experience in those skills. The organization offers help to registered candidates in growing their skills and may place them in temporary positions so they can gain experience while working to advance their education.

Some of the free online courses available through Accountemps include Quickbooks, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Business Processes and many more. These are some of the most commonly used software packages used by modern companies, so prospective employees who have this knowledge are highly likely to fill the needs of the company offering a temp-to-hire position.

In addition to offering online training and temporary jobs to gain experience, Accountemps also offers their registered job seekers help with their resume and advice on how to conduct themselves in an interview. Most people are nervous about job interviews, but they will be better prepared to present themselves in the best light with the valuable advice provided by the agency. The most valuable interview tips include remaining professional whatever the situation and to present a true picture of who you are. This allows the prospective employer to properly evaluate whether or not you are a good fit for the position or are applying for.


Any person seeking and finding a position through this temp-to-hire agency may continue their online education and become more valuable to their employer. This opportunity helps workers who were hired for an entry level position have the ability to advance within the company to a position that not only pays a higher salary, but offers them job security.

While education is the key to a successful career, many graduating students find it difficult to get hired in the industry they prepared for without having at least some experience. Sometimes it is possible to find a temporary position in the target industry, and if both the employer and the temporary worker are satisfied, the position can become permanent. These opportunities are often the door to a successful career doing the work the temporary worker was trained for. Companies who hire temporary workers with the intention of hiring them on a permanent basis if they are satisfied with the skill level also appreciate the process.

Accountemps Jobs Help Potential Employers

Hiring a temporary worker gives a prospective employer an opportunity to evaluate the skill level of the worker, as well as their overall attitude and performance. If the employer determines the worker will fill their needs and fit into the requirements of the position, they are usually willing to provide any extra training that the worker may require. If the placement is not working out for any reason, a permanent position will not be offered and the company can simply continue their search for a more appropriate employee.

Accountemps Jobs is widely recognized by the business community, and has received numerous accolades due to their professional approach to filling the needs of both skilled job seekers and the expanding workforce needs of companies around the world. Robert Half is the parent company, and was once again recognized on FORTUNE magazine’s “World’s Admired Companies”. Anyone seeking a position related to accounting, bookkeeping or any financial or statistical work can find more information by visiting the Accountemps Jobs website

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