Abercrombie & Fitch Jobs You Should Consider



One of the most well-known fashion companies that has been in existence since the early 1900s is Abercrombie & Fitch. In modern times, it has been associated with some of the most risqu photographs of models used to promote their clothing lines, often coming under scrutiny. Despite the controversy that surrounds this company at times, they have done well for themselves over the years. There are many jobs that are available in this company, but obtaining these jobs may be a little difficult in comparison to what you can expect from regular companies. This article will give you a little background on Abercrombie & Fitch, the different jobs that are available, and how you should prepare for applying for a job with this well-known clothing store.

Origins Of Abercrombie & Fitch

Although this company is associated with very thin models that are often in provocative positions and scenes, it actually began in the early 1890’s  by two individuals by the name of David Abercrombie & Ezra Fitch. Originally it was created to provide outfits for those that were involved with fishing, hunting and camping. This focus led it to filing bankruptcy in the late 1970s, and by the late 1980s after being acquired by The Limited, it began to focus its clothing line, specifically targeting young people worldwide.

Controversy Surrounding The Company

Abercrombie & Fitch has come under fire many times because of its provocative marketing campaigns. Most notably was the use of advertisements that sexualized preteens girls, specifically marketing thongs and padded bikini tops on 10-year-olds and seven-year-olds, respectively. Even the CEO in 2013 came under fire because of comments that were made, stating that only good-looking kids, not overweight people, should be wearing their clothing line. Employment practices and customer service issues have also been discussed in the major media. However, despite all of this controversy, or perhaps because the extreme amount of controversy that surrounds this company over the last few years, Abercrombie & Fitch continues to grow.

Overview Of Abercrombie & Fitch Jobs

As with any clothing store, there are going to be openings for individuals that can run the cash register, stock the shelves, and handle orders for the store. There are warehouse positions, positions in management, and of course becoming a model for their clothing. In most cases, generally anyone can get a job with the store, even without anything more than a high school education. There seems to be a predilection toward individuals that have a certain look, one that represents a youthful appearance and the ability to wear their clothing. You can actually go to their main careers website to learn more about their careers that are offered. These include in-store positions, home office positions, and jobs with the distribution center. If you do like to model, and if you have had prior experience, there is the possibility that you would be used in their  catalogs and marketing campaigns. By visiting their main careers  website, you can find out how to apply, or simply visit one of their stores for an application.ambercrombie-jobs-application

Weighing The Odds In Your Favor

In order to get a job with Abercrombie & Fitch, it’s a good idea to have some prior experience in retail marketing. Perhaps you have worked with another store that primarily sold clothing, experience that they will definitely be looking for. If you are a recent graduate from high school, or perhaps from college, this can also be a benefit. However, based upon what has been said about this company in regard to your physical appearance, especially the words from the CEO himself, if you do not have an appearance similar to what you see in the advertisements that are used, or if you are substantially different from the employees that you see at the local Abercrombie & Fitch store, it is possible that you may only find openings in the distribution center or corporate offices of their company.

Apply For Abercrombie & Fitch Jobs Today

If you have been looking for a company to work for that has an excellent track record for growth, and you would prefer working in an industry that deals with fashion and clothing, you can most certainly apply for a position at Abercrombie & Fitch, a career that may lead to a very profitable future. Depending upon your qualifications, your education, and your physical appearance, you will be able to obtain one of the many jobs that are available from this well-known company. Whether you are interested in modeling, working behind the counter at one of their many stores, or being part of the growth of the company at their corporate headquarters in New Albany, Ohio, you will have a chance just like everyone else of applying for and obtaining a promising career with Abercrombie & Fitch jobs by applying today.

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