Applying For UPS Jobs


When an individual considers filling out an application for UPS jobs, it is a good idea to get a sense of what the company is all about. UPS is a global leader in the delivery of packages and in the  solutions for supply chain management arena.

UPS is very passionate as a company about creating and utilizing better ways to make business work more effectively in the areas of international networks of distribution down to local deliveries for businesses and households.

UPS began as a local bicycle messenger company in Seattle, Washington in 1907, and has grown to a multi-billion dollar corporation that does business all over the world.

UPS looks for talented and energetic people who come from all walks of life. Some start with the company straight out of school and others have experience in other fields. Individuals who have experience with systems, management, and the ability to be team players in a high paced environment seem to do well in a career with UPS.

As one can imagine, there are many employment opportunities in a world-wide company such as UPS. The company today is a $42.6 billion corporation that has offices all over the world. It is the largest package delivery company in the world and is one of the most admired and recognized brands  in the world. The company is managing the flow of packages and goods every day in over 300 different countries.

With such a broad reach, there are certainly many career opportunities in many diverse locations. UPS has received many awards over the years for its innovation in its career development and placement of employees, and is very up to date in all areas of diversity.

There is a culture with UPS that has caused promotions of its employees from within to a large degree. In order for an individual to be successful in being hired by the company,it would be wise to familiarize oneself with the company, its various divisions, and the culture of the company.


The company currently employs full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees, so it is important to assess one’s background and abilities and find out where the best fit might occur.

Many people begin their career at UPS in the package handling and delivery areas. These can be physically demanding jobs, and yet are also the very basis of how the company operates, and thus can be very valuable experience.

Package handlers are part-time workers, but they do obtain health benefits. This job requires the lifting of heavy packages, up to 70 pounds and is usually a work week of Monday through Friday.

Drivers will work either with the freight division or the package handlers. Drivers can be both seasonal or full time. The drivers must be physically fit and have a good driving record, and are the backbone of the company’s delivery system.

The corporate and professional jobs cover the gamut in the areas normally thought to be in a typical corporate setting  such as accounting, finance, risk management, and marketing. Many of these types of positions are based in the corporate offices in Atlanta, GA, but there are also positions in other areas of the US as well as in other countries.

Flexibility is certainly a plus when it comes to searching UPS jobs, as a person who is willing to relocate to fill a position could receive preference for UPS jobs that are available.

UPS has a feature on its website that allows an individual to search for various positions for jobs all across the United States. This gives the prospective applicant an idea of what the company is looking for, and in what geographical locations the jobs can be found. The default setting is for “package handler” but a click on the drop-down menu easily changes the selection. Other positions that show up include mechanic, driver, or other positions of a professional nature.

Using the criteria on the website, an applicant can narrow down the desired job, and the geographical location of the position.

The next step is to complete an online profile which will include your personal data such as name, address, email address, phone number and your Social Security number. The status of your application can be checked via a passcode that you used to set up the application initially.

The final step of the application process is to attend a local interview in your area. You will need to bring along a photo ID such as a driver’s license, and proof that you can legally work in the United States.

There is a good opportunity to work with UPS, and in an expanding company such as this, there is also a good opportunity for advancement as time goes on.

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