Social Media & Job Hunting

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Many use twitter for trending topics, but what about searching for a new job?
There are a few ways Twitter can be a valuable source for job info.

Take advantage of the Search feature: The search bar is at the very top of your Twitter page close to the right hand corner.
Use the Search feature to look for words that are specific to the type of job you are looking for. I entered ‘nursing jobs’ below:


Great Twitter Tips!

  1. #hashtags- In the search bar type #anyjobtitle. It will show all of the company’s that are looking for new employees.
  2. Network- tweet often. It is a valuable way to meet people in your field who are already employed.
  3. Make sure your Twitter profile is business ready. Employers are likely to read over your profile and look at your pics.



Colossal? Yes. Which is just part of the reason Facebook can be constructive in obtaining a new position.

The tips here are simple:

  1. Checkout your privacy settings before getting started. Make sure you understand exactly how a company will view your profile and make it appropriate.
    (Privacy Settings are under Settings>Privacy)
  2. “Like” pages. When you “like” another page you get daily updates on their activity plus, you get the heads up on any jobs that are posted.
  3. Consider making your work and education information public so others are able to see your history. Make sure it is updated frequently.
  4. Professional Skills. This is new so make sure you add your information in the ‘About’ section. Your info should be added in to ‘Work ‘ and ‘Education’.

Here is an example of the Professional Skills Section. The more details…the better.


I know, you didn’t know. Pinterest is definitely more than a place to see the wonders of the world.
Check out the link to this fabulous “living resume
That is just one example. To try it yourself: Create your own template highlighting your experience and skills, making sure to add your own photos and links. Go ahead and !!!

After you have created your own pin it resume, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. It is easy to be successful at your job search because you can learn all about the company you are applying to, learn more about the industry in which the company operates, plus there are a ton of tools to help you out.

1. LinkedIn has a dedicated job section. Employers post vacancies hoping that a practical jobseeker like you will come across them and end up being the perfect candidate. Just click on the Jobs tab.

2. A complete profile is a sure-fire way to make sure that a company has complete and accurate information about you. You need to make sure it is complete and up to date. Potential employers want to see as much info as they can as quickly as they can.

3. If you join groups people will see you more and furthermore your profile gets more views. You should also join discussions, or start one. This way you are networking and you can receive advice and recommendations.

4. Send messages! Nine times out of ten members don’t post their public email address on their profile. Sending a message allows you to contact them privately and ask straight-forward questions. Make sure you illustrate clearly your reason for contacting them, and don’t be afraid to ask about job openings or information about their organization.

Other Linkedin Quick Tips

  • Share Updates
  • Ask for Recommendation
  • Find Events (and go!)