Resume Mistakes That Will Cost You

More than likely your resume is the first impression you will make on a potential employer & resume mistakes will cost you to not get hired. It can make or break your chances of getting your interview. Check out these common mistakes and make sure they don’t cost you your new job.

While your responsibilities in a position are important, showing the results of having said responsibilities is even more so important. Paint a picture of expectations and results instead of listing what you where responsible for
An example would be: instead of listing sales, order processing, etc. Show your sales percentage; say “ Lead a team of 6 to increase sales by 17%.

STALKING KEYWORDS Using a small font and shoving a bunch of words on your resume so that a keyword search will get you spotted will not enhance your chances of getting a human recruiter to notice you. It will be too small to read and too much to read if they could. Keep your resume simple and focus on your experience and accomplishments.

Wonder why they didn’t call? Check your resume. A missed period or comma? Even one typo? Proofread it again and have someone close by read it one more time before you send it off. Having a resume with no mistakes could put you on a pedestal. These errors seem simple to avoid but are the most common mistakes on a resume. Not to mention, to a potential employer it shows your lack of attention to detail.

It’s not necessary to put everything you’ve ever done in your working life on your resume. Ever heard of more is less? Stick to the jobs that are relevant to the position you are applying to. Too much unrelated work history will make the parts of your resume that show your worth opaque.

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